Say hello to “Pay with Watch”!

With the launch of Apple Watch, customers can now use their watches to pay for their purchases. According to Business Insider, Apple sold more watches in the first day of pre-orders than Google sold in the entire year of 2014. It is estimated that Apple sold three million watches before any watches had even shipped.

One of the key features of Apple Watch is Passbook, an extension of Apple’s mobile wallet iPhone app of the same name that lets users save their cards, vouchers, coupons, and passes all in one place.

With the launch of Passbook on Apple Watch, customers’ digital cards can appear on their watches. Instead of taking out their phones from their pockets, turning on the phone, loading the correct app, finding the payment code and then presenting it to the cashier, customers can simply lift their hand and present their watch. Passbook also has built-in location awareness technology; when a customer walks into a store, that store’s card will automatically appear on the watch’s screen.

As wearable technology evolves, the value of an app-free digital loyalty and payment solution becomes more obvious for a restaurant chain. When your rewards program is simply a card on iPhone Passbook and Google Wallet, you don’t have to do anything extra to be in consumers’ watches. Apple and Google take care of that. There’s no additional cost or extra work for you.

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