Are You Choosing the Right Mobile Payments Solution? 10 Things You Need to Consider if You’re in Restaurant or Retail

As you’ve read in our previous posts, the immense growth of mobile doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Last week’s post, Mobile payment centers in on your customer needs, provides a clear view into the inevitability of mobile payments. According to The Mobile Payments Market Guide, Forrester’s mobile commerce forecast for Europe predicts that by…

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Payment and Loyalty: Should they be separate transactions?

Fast food is all about speed. Every second counts. One of the challenges many fast food chains have traditionally faced is how to offer loyalty programs without adding extra time to customer service. When payment and loyalty are┬áseparate transactions, the loyalty transaction adds about 30 seconds to the overall experience. Now, everything is changing. Fast…

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Who Owns Your Customers’ Data?

By Bijan Shahrokhi in Security

When going mobile, merchants should be cautious about how customer data ownership is handled by the service provider. Imagine how devastating it would be if your service provider decided to sell your customers’ data to your competitors! Tech companies have a long history of attempting to sell customer data to third party companies. Take, for…

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