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Think beyond apps for restaurant chains & retailers - get incredible ROI!

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When you’ve got us, you don't need an app

More than ever, restaurants and retailers are facing resistance from users to downloading apps & keeping them on their phones.

We help restaurant chains and retailers leapfrog to the future with mobile loyalty & payment solutions that don’t require apps. We use the phone’s existing digital wallets to create branded digital cards that support mobile payment, loyalty, coupons, and gift cards.


The simplest solution results in higher participation by the customers and the staff. Works with  Google Wallet,  iOS Passbook.


Enable mobile payment, loyalty, coupons, and gift cards on a single digital card. Create promotions according to data and customer insight.

 Actionable Insight

Know your customers better. Learn when, where, how often, and what your frequent customers buy from you.

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John Lanni

This has been a game changer for us in terms of ease of payment and customer satisfaction.

John Lanni
Digital Wallets vs Custom Apps

The debate continues amongst restaurants and retailers about whether to create an in-house app and support digital wallets or to only utilize the digital wallets like Apple Passbook and Google Wallet without any apps. Here is how how they compare.

84% Deletes After 1 Month 3%
$30k-$50k App Development Cost $0
8% Coupon redemption rate 25%
100-250 Average Number of Downloads per Store 200-350
Yes Loyalty, Payment, Gift Card, & Promo Options Yes

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