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Tech in Fast Food: A Product Manager’s Guide to Enhancing User Experience

The fast-food industry is a prime example of how technology can revolutionize customer experiences. At Virtual Next, we lead this revolution with our app-free loyalty and gift card platform. Our technology strategy, adopted by brands such as the 100+ fast-food chain New York Fries through their Fry Society loyalty program, exemplifies seamless integration of technology…

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Say hello to “Pay with Watch”!

With the launch of Apple Watch, customers can now use their watches to pay for their purchases. According to Business Insider, Apple sold more watches in the first day of pre-orders than Google sold in the entire year of 2014. It is estimated that Apple sold three million watches before any watches had even shipped. One…

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Is your restaurant ready? Google Wallet is coming to all Android phones!

When Apple introduced Passbook — its native digital wallet app – in June of 2012, it was clear that restaurants and retailers would soon realize that the future of mobile lies in native digital wallets, not their own apps. It took Google two years to catch up with Apple, and now Google Wallet offers the…

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Restaurants: How to Turn Your Loyalty Program into a Sales Weapon

By Bijan Shahrokhi in Mobile Loyalty

Mobile has made things so much easier for marketers today. The rise of mobile usage, coupled with the impressive amount of information marketers can glean about their customers is creating a greater surge in the mobile loyalty space. For restaurants and retailers, the possibilities of retaining your most valued customers is not only possible, it’s more…

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How an Organic, Healthy QSR is Built

By Bijan Shahrokhi in Quick Service, Retail, Uncategorized

Poppos Taqueria is a Quick Service Restaurant that is the brain child of the Coleman brothers, and Rowen Beals, who started it on the idyllic little Anna Maria Island. THAT is not what makes it unique; it’s position on the leading edge of the food movement (organic, GMO free and locally sourced). AND it’s competing…

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