Look Ma! No App!

One digital card. 4 transaction types.

  • Loyalty

    Reward your loyal customers for the frequency of their visits, the amount they spend in the stores, or just because it's their birthday! Your reward could be points, an item, a percentage or dollar discount on a purchase.

  • Promotions

    Boost your revenue with promotions that cater to different customer segments. Test new products, enable location managers to drive traffic, and closely monitor promotions' performance.

  • Mobile Payment

    Speed up in-store transactions by 70% by enabling mobile payment. Customers can use the digital card to pay for their purchase by connecting it to their credit card.

  • Gift Cards

    Delight your customers by giving them the option to buy e-gift cards for their loved ones. The stored value can be added to the digital loyalty card.

What is a digital wallet?

A place holder of mobile loyalty, payment, gift cards, and coupons.


A digital wallet is an app that your smartphone’s operating system provides. It serves as a placeholder for coupons, gift cards, passes, and payment cards. It is predicated that within five years, digital wallets will replace our physical wallets.

iPhone’s digital wallet app is called Apple Wallet and it is shipped with every iPhone. Android phones use Android Wallet.

Virtual Next enables restaurant chains and retailers to offer popular mobile loyalty and payment programs by creating branded cards for digital wallets without launching apps.

Supported Platforms

Key Benefits

Why Virtual Next is perfect for the restaurant and retail industry.

Simple to Use

We offer the simplest to use digital rewards program to restaurants and retailers. Without making you to launch any apps, we just create a branded digital card that is saved on your customer’s digital wallet like Apple Wallet or Android Pay.

Actionable Insight

You’ll know when, where, and what your customers are buying from you. Leverage that data to offer relevant promotions to various groups of customers.

Flexible Set Up

Set up the system based on your current business needs, and modify it as those needs change. Start with loyalty, and add more features like payment, stored value, and promotions. You can modify the program at any time without incurring development costs.

Lower cost to roll out

Everything is virtual, and in the cloud. There are no app development and coding costs that increase the cost of offering and maintaining the program.

Customized Promotions

Create promotions that are unique to your business and target specific customer groups or store locations. Promote new store openings or new products and reward frequent visits or customer birthdays.

Weekly Report Emails

Review the performance of your program and promotions by looking at key metrics and meaningful data. We’ll make sense of the data for you, and let you know what’s important in a weekly email summary.

Customer Complaint Resolution Tool

Send a reward or gift card to unhappy customers using our dashboard. It takes just seconds to turn a dissatisfied customer to a happy one before they tell their friends, family, and social media contacts about an incident in one of your stores.


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