They Come for Food & Come Back for Service

If you are in the restaurant business, you’ve probably heard this phrase many times. It is one of the most essential rules you need to remember in order to be successful in the restaurant industry.


The food service industry is very competitive. It costs you 7 times more to bring a new customer into the store, than to have an existing customer return. So, in order to maximize your revenue while keeping costs down, you should focus on increasing your number of customer returns as much as possible. The best way to do this is to create a great customer experience in the stores so that customers remember you and want to return to you as often as possible.

One of the cost effective ways of creating a memorable customer experience is to use the right mobile tools for your business to help your customer order food faster, take advantage of your promotions, and have a fun experience each time they visit you.

We think that with mobile store cards, you are able to offer greater customer experiences at very low costs. Your ability to combine loyalty and promotions with payments in the mobile space gives you the power to offer unique promotions that weren’t previously possible. You will also get to know your customers a lot better than before and will be able to use all the collected data to offer relevant content and deals that your customers will appreciate, without just giving away discounts to everyone in the market.

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