Reducing Restaurant Employee Turn over with Internal Loyalty Programs

By Bijan Shahrokhi in Mobile Loyalty

Social media restaurant communities are littered with conversations revolving around one of the most costly and frustrating elements of the business: Employee Burnout. Every LinkedIn Group, Google+ Community and Facebook Page dedicated to the industry sees its share of questions and answers as to how to Make It Stop. If you’ve ever worked for a…

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Millennials are Driving Influence in the QSR Industry

By Andy Lai in Mobile Loyalty, Mobile Payment

As the US and world economy comes continues to recover from the downturn in 2008, this next year provides some strong opportunities for the QSR industry. As these opportunities become available, the industry itself becomes a lot more competitive as more players present themselves with differentiated offerings: Food trucks, healthier menus, and more differentiated offerings…

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The QSR Challenge: 5 Ways to Keep your Customers Coming Back

Canadians and Americans love their fast food.  In an industry that continues to evolve, there are many factors impacting the growth of quick service restaurants: including the economic recession, the rising food costs, and the shift to more healthy alternatives. Lower discretionary spending and the shift to healthy foods continue to challenge the consumer mindshare…

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