Customer Big Data: What can you do with it?

By Bijan Shahrokhi in Customer Insight

Big Data is a new concept for many industries, including store operators. Some are left wondering what they can do with customer data, if they had a way of knowing who, when, where, and how often customers were buying from their restaurant. In this blog post, I would like to present some ideas on what can be done with customer data.


Customized Promotions

Imagine you know that customer X visits you once a week. If a month goes by without that customer’s visit, it may be that your customer has left you for another brand. With customer data and the right software module, you are able to automatically detect these customers and send emails that offer promotions – something like “We missed you, here is $5 gift card for your next visit” – designed to bring those customers back to you.

Drive Traffic during Slow Hours

Your customer data gives you the ability to offer promotions that are customized according to a unique group of customers. For example, you can target a segment of the market who buys coffee or snacks from you every day during lunch hours by letting them know that if they also visit you during your slow hours, they will get additional points or discounts.

Make it Personal

Imagine the impact a birthday gift for your customers will have on your relationship with them. This will have a significant impact on their perception of your brand. Starbucks has been successfully implementing this marketing plan for a few years by offering a free menu item on a customer’s birthday.

There are many other ways to leverage the collected data. For example, you can start analyzing trends in customer purchasing habits, review variations in customer orders per visit, and make sense of business growth or slowdowns.

We are a Big Data company. Loyalty and promotions have one obvious advantage – additional revenue, but there is another advantage that is hidden and possibly even more valuable: customer insight!

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