Egift Cards in North America

By Bijan Shahrokhi in eGift Cards and Marketing




The mobile revolution will transform the face of the traditional North American gift card and will add more convenience, flexibility and efficiency to it. Digital gift cards in North America will cut down the time that is typically needed to purchase and send a physical gift card. At the same time, egift cards will make life easier for recipients who can redeem the card conveniently and securely through online or offline shopping.

The Real Beneficiaries

Egift cards in North America will not only benefit the consumers, but will also unleash a new opportunity for retailers, restaurants, spas, and other businesses to boost their sales. Consumers always need an inducement to make a purchase, and physical gift cards act as a deterrent many times because of the busy lifestyles of a majority of potential customers. Electronic gift cards practically eliminate that deterrent by making gifting a convenient experience, which can take place simply at the press of a button or the click of a mouse.

In a highly competitive retail business, the North American gift card has helped retailers and other service providers improve their sales. The gift card industry has undergone a major change, and digital gifting will breathe new life into an already effective and successful segment of the retail business. Consumers will find digital gift cards in North America to be one of the most accessible and convenient gifting options.

Added Advantages

The traditional North American gift card continues to remain popular, but the rising star of the gift card business is the digital gift card. An increasing number of consumers are moving away from the traditional gift cards because they are not personal enough, and consumers are too busy to visit the store or wait for the card to be shipped by snail mail. Virtual Next offers a comprehensive e-gift card experience to shoppers in North America. It enhances the selection and purchase experience as well as the redemption experience for the recipient. Virtual Next’s egift cards in North America can be customized by selecting a digital image and adding a personal note along with the card.

We are helping retailers, restaurants, spas, and other businesses provide electronic gift cards to their customers online. We develop the digital gift card for businesses, which is readily accessible to their customers through their website. Customers can purchase the cards in a secure online environment. Instant delivery of the gift card is one of the key benefits for an average consumer. More than half of digital gift card sales occur during the last 48 hours before a gift giving occasion. Digital gift cards in North America are handy because they are readily available on the customer’s smartphone.

Bijan – CEO and Co-founder of Virtual Next

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