Mobile Gift Card – A Great Marketing Tool

By Bijan Shahrokhi in eGift Cards and Marketing

Egift cards have emerged as a new and powerful way to promote your product, service or brand. The key benefit of these digital gift cards is the convenience they offer to both the sender and the recipient. It saves the time and effort to purchase a physical gift card.

Delivery costs are also nullified with egift cards. These cards can be delivered instantly, so the worry of the gift not reaching on time also gets eliminated. However, from the point of view of businesses, these gift cards also provide an excellent marketing value proposition. Here are a few examples:

Social Media Marketing

Our digital gift cards can be sent and received via Facebook. When senders and recipients use this facility, it generates free publicity for the retailer. Social media networking can provide a widespread and highly targeted exposure to the business because the egift card delivery can be viewed by a large number of potential customers.

Direct Marketing

One of the most important marketing advantages with digital gift cards is that the business gets access to the recipient of the gift card. The retainer can subtly encourage the recipient to purchase egift cards for others in the future. All it requires is that the retailer provides a link to its egift card page in the egift delivery email.                       

Promotion of Special Products

Testing new merchandise or high-margin products may require special promotional efforts. Digital gift cards can be used effectively to push such products with attractive discounts. An example could be “Buy product X with your egift card, get 20% off”. This way the retailers can test the new price and product on a small group. Also, it avoids lowering the product price for all the customers.

Driving Sales

Virtual gift cards are a potent tool to generate high volume sales. A promotion using our egift card tool can be created in ways such as: “Purchase $50 worth of goods, and receive $25 as an Egift Card for a friend or yourself.” That leads to two customers per egift card sold, resulting in a higher sales volume.

Bijan – CEO and Co-founder of Virtual Next

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