Virtual Next Announces Partnership with Vantage Analytics

October 16th, 2014

App-free mobile loyalty provider leverages Vantage Analytics to enable advanced customer data analytics for its clients.

TORONTO, Oct 15, 2014 – Mobile-based digital rewards solutions company Virtual Next has announced a partnership with the premium analytics platform provider, Vantage Analytics, to enable customer data analytics for its customers.

In a crowded restaurant market, where the cost of acquiring a new customer is five times that of bringing back an existing customer, this partnership enables Virtual Next clients to analyze transactions and turn them into actions that bring back their customers more often. Notable restaurant chains such as New York Fries and Currito are already jumping on the opportunity to learn more about their customers and bring them back more frequently.

Virtual Next is the world’s first company to enable fast food chains to offer a mobile-based digital card that offers loyalty and payment solutions without the use of additional smartphone apps. The company harnesses existing digital wallet technologies to create a simple-to-use, branded digital card available in the iPhone PassBook and Google Wallet. And the digital cards can be fully integrated with custom-printed loyalty cards, offering merchants more options to build engagement with their customers.

Vantage Analytics puts business managers in touch with the metrics that they need to fully understand their customers and to be able to take action on these results. Vantage helps business managers gain insight into key metrics such as the Individual Customer Lifetime Value, Repeat Customer Rate, Average Order Size, and Customer Segment Analysis. These details can be used to help with sales in the present or to help project future needs to show where sales are headed. Vantage saves time and money by enabling managers to course-correct with integrated campaign management and analysis.

“We looked into many analytics platforms in the market and felt that Vantage Analytics gave us abilities that no other platform in the market gave us. The platform is a perfect tool for what we do best, which is increasing average revenue per customer,” said Bijan Shahrokhi, CEO of Virtual Next. “With this new advanced analytics dashboard, Virtual Next will enable another layer of customization, enabling merchants to offer promotions based on individual customers’ purchasing habits and their transaction history.”

“We’re excited that Virtual Next has chosen to exclusively offer Vantage to its customers, giving them easy and supported access to the action tools being used by some of the most successfully productive businesses in the world,” said Aran Hamilton, President and Co-Founder, Vantage Analytics. “Virtual Next’s simple to use loyalty and payment solution for restaurants combined with Vantage, is the easiest way to turn data into insight, and insight into action. It transforms customer engagement and drives high customer lifetime value to companies of all size, whether they’re seeking to update how they do business or simply starting up.”

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