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What is a Digital Wallet and Why is it Better than your App?

At Virtual Next we talk a lot about Digital Wallets, and extol their superiority over Apps. It’s become obvious to us lately though, that not everyone understands exactly what a digital wallet is. Here’s our best explanation of what it is, and why you would prefer it to an App: A digital wallet is basically…

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. @Dominos: A Technology Company Transformed because of its Customers

By Elliott Atkins in Customer Insight, Quick Service

When this article was posted a few days ago, HOW DOMINO’S BECAME A TECH COMPANY, it revealed a company that had completely transformed its mindset and its culture to put its customers at the centre of its strategy. It brought back memories of a very different type of company that had existed not too long…

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The Virtual Next Recap: Top Trends and a Recap of the #NRAShow

By Bijan Shahrokhi in Mobile Loyalty, NRA Show

Recently Bijan Shahrokhi and Elliot Atkins, 2 of our founders, attended the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago and came back with the following feedback on the state of the restaurant industry. What were the top trends at the NRA show? There were 3 trends that stood out more than any others: Big Data and business…

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Millennials are Driving Influence in the QSR Industry

By Elliott Atkins in Mobile Loyalty, Mobile Payment

As the US and world economy comes continues to recover from the downturn in 2008, this next year provides some strong opportunities for the QSR industry. As these opportunities become available, the industry itself becomes a lot more competitive as more players present themselves with differentiated offerings: Food trucks, healthier menus, and more differentiated offerings…

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9 Ways to Tell Your QSR Customers That You Just Don’t Care

By Bijan Shahrokhi in Mobile Loyalty, Mobile Payment, Quick Service

The Customer is Always Right – one of the most cliched and repeated phrases in marketing. And frankly, I don’t believe it’s true. I know that in some circles it’s scandalous to say, but the reality is that sometimes, the customer is wrong, and ANYONE who has worked as a waitress or in the restaurant…

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Mobile Loyalty Players for QSRs: How To Choose A Winner

By Elliott Atkins in Mobile Loyalty, Quick Service

According to, there are 420 Loyalty Program Startups. When it comes to loyalty/payment apps, that number grows tenfold to 4K. This is the amount of choice available to or, depending on how you look at it, facing QSR companies. If you’re a QSR company, you are not in the business of loyalty, but surely…

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The QSR Challenge: 5 Ways to Keep your Customers Coming Back

Canadians and Americans love their fast food.  In an industry that continues to evolve, there are many factors impacting the growth of quick service restaurants: including the economic recession, the rising food costs, and the shift to more healthy alternatives. Lower discretionary spending and the shift to healthy foods continue to challenge the consumer mindshare…

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